No words can console you enough when you loose your expectating πŸ‘Ά. Nobody even your spouse or partner can fully understand your grief just as how you cannot understand theirs.

They say that 20% of pregnancy ends in miscarriage. And 98% of the time is as a result of chromosomes abnormality. πŸ™„.

Then my question is if I eat right exercise right, think right why wouldn’t my body act right.πŸ€”

They also say it is not your fault there is nothing you did wrong. And there is nothing you could have done to to prevent it.πŸ˜‘

Then I started thinking is my body not part of me and don’t I have a connection with my body?πŸ€”

Or does my body have a mind of it own which is separate from me aka my mind.πŸ€”.

Hi my name is Mabel a.k.a Brillberrie and this is a story about my miscarriage expirence.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about ten months after my iud removal . First of all it was a hassle to remove the iud. If you want to know more about my iud removal expirence stay tuned

On the 28th of December 2018 I started to feel a burning pain on the lower right side of my abdomen.😩

At first I thought it was my period coming because I was a week late😏.

The pain lingered πŸ˜– it became more painful, then I thought it could be stress from carring grocery from the store and 🚢1/4 mile home.

Then the pain still persisted after I laid down for a while. And then πŸ’‘ a small voice said to me maybe you are pregnant. I brushed it aside because I was afraid of testing and getting a negative results as always😟. The πŸ’‘ came again it doesn’t hurt knowing that that is not the cause of the pain.πŸ€”

Fast forward to the 8th of January 2019 I woke up with the same pain that I had for the past three days. I prayed and prayed to God for the baby to be safe and healthy. I felt a disconnect between me and the baby. I can’t explain it more than I just didn’t feel connected to the baby.😰😰😰 I tried but nothing I could not feel it in my spirit.

I got myself up by 11ish in the morning to go and eat. Once I stared walking it felt like I was carring a bag of water and it was about it bust out. πŸ˜₯. It felt very wet down there and I went to pee just in case that was the ReasonDC but no … I saw blood😡😡😭 .

Tears gushing down my face. My mind racing Helter Skelter oh no blood went to the ER I spent 12 hours there before I was seen and given a room to stay more like a bed πŸ˜“.

Every time I want to use the restroom I saw more blood😡. Let me tell you the pain of knowing that the bundle of joy that you were expecting , in case bundles of joy ( yes I miscarried twins😒😒) is washing away and there is nothing you can do to stop it is worse than the cramps associated with the miscarriage.πŸ˜ͺ😭.

They said that the miscarriage already happened and I am just bleeding. Those word shattered my heart in so many pieces words cannot describe. Hmmmm!

I am tying to move on from that experience. But the truth is it is hard and I believe that time will heal all wounds. I try to stay positive., get myself occupied with anything just anything that will keep me busy.

One thing though. I still haven’t seen my monthly cycle. It is over a month now. Please leave a comment on how long it took for you to get your cycle back after miscarriage.


One Reply to “My miscarriage expirence”

  1. So sorry babes about your loss, just seen this. Don’t worry, God shall definitely give you doubles of what you’ve lost. Keep being strong😘


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