It’s four years since we said I do but with you love, it feels like we’d known each other for forever . I 😍 you so much words can’t describe how much you mean to me. With you I am better.

All my life I had always been the one to take care for people . I did everything in my power to make people happy. In my previous relationships, I was always the one that called to check on him. I was always thinking of things to do to spice up the relationship.I needed someone to take care of me and when I wasn’t looking God sent you my way. You came into my life when I almost gave up on love. I never thought that I would find love . Being heartbroken so many times made me to build a wall around me and also to become insensitive to men. My heart grew cold and I never let anyone in but you managed to melt it with patience and understanding. You didn’t force it but you proved yourself a strong man worthy of my love and I solemnly give it to you.

Your relationship to God Almighty our creator is so strong and I am pleased. Whenever I feel defeated and feel like giving up you remind me of my faith in God . How you always manage to keep calm in the midst of struggles and chaos is beyond my understanding but I Know that it is your faith in God that keeps you moving. Your love for me can only be from God to be patient with a woman like me.

You are my best fiend, the father of my children, the king in my kingdom and I am so blessed to be your wife. When we are old and looking back to 70+ years of our marriage I will still remember the day we met and how I was not happy that you paid for my food, how I ran when you proposed to me and how I couldn’t stop laughing when we were exchanging our vows


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