5 Essentials that ladies should put in their purses

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As ladies have you ever been in a position were while you are out and about you need something to wipe your hand or you have an emergency like your monthly friend comes earlier than expected, but you don’t have anything to save the day? Now if your answer is YES !!!!!!!! , then just know that you are not alone in this , because like you and thousand other women out there I too have had these awful nasty experiences. That is why i have out together five must haves in your purses.

5 Essentials that ladies should put in their pursehttp://brillberrie.com
  1. HAND SANITIZER: Ladies this is my number one essential things to put in you purse. as a matter of fact they come in small key holder sizes. You need to protect yourself first from all kinds and forms of germs. think about it, have you ever used a hand sanitizer and you feel a sting on your hand but you don’t see any blood or can barely see any bruise but just a little bruise on the back of your hand?, well lucky for you the alcohol in the hand sanitizier cleans a bruised skin and prevents infection. Our hands is thefirst part of our body to get in contact with germ and most of the time we do not have soap and water near by all we can rely on is the hand sanitizer.

2. SANITARY PAD: Every woman or female adolescence need a sanitary pad or sanitary towel in their bag or purse. it does not matter if it is that time of the month or not. you need to have at least.

3. Travel size tissue paper or wipes: Have you ever touched something nasty or as mothers , have your baby or young child sneezed and things gets messy and you don’t have something to clean it up? If yes , you are not alone. You need to always have something to wipe dirt off.

4.  Make-up : Every woman should have some sort of make-up in their purse. Not necessarily the whole giant make up box, but for instance, a lip gloss or lip stick and setting powder or what some people call dry powder. I advise that you put in your bag the item that you use the most in your purse. Some people use mascara more while others use eye pencils or even lip liners more. what ever suits you. But this is an essential because you never know who you will meet on your way out and will need to touch up your face a little.

This is my very best setting powder that I have . It translucent, meaning it works well with all skin tone as well as make up and you can always reapply without being afraid of over applying.

5. CHEWING GUM , MINT CANDY OR OR MOUTH SPRAY: This was is definitely an essential. seriously there is nothing worse than a pretty woman with bad breath. If you are in a long meeting or class and feel sleepy you can put a little mint or gum in your mouth to keep you awake. But please remember, if you are in these setting do not pop that gum!! and chew with your mouths closed at all times.

These are the five essentials that every woman should have in her bag. Other things that is good to always carry is pepper spray,comb or hair brush , pen portable first aid kit. I would like to know your opinion on what you think are the essentials for your purse.

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