I told my cousin I would make her prom dress , whatever style she wanted and she said she wanted something different. She said she wanted something different from the rest.

She sent me a picture

And she said she don’t want to show her cleavage like this girl because she is very modest #raisedright. She supplied the fabric and I took care of everything else especially lots of love.Β 


I started with drafting the pattern on the mannequin which I stuffed up to her size

I ironed it out and traced it on my brown paper which I use as patten paper for the bodice

Carolyn Pollack Jewelry

I cut the fabric out using the drafted pattern. I ironed the interfacing on the front side of the pattern


After I stitched both the lining and the fabric of the bodice together.

I applied 3” wide horsehair braiding to a long rectangle fabric , say about 3 yards. I gathered the hard tulle, lining and fabric to her waistline size and stitched together.

After everything came together I applied the Trim (please click and watch the video if you want to learn how I applied the trim)

She was blown away when she saw the dress and Mehn did she look fabulous in that dress

Grace and Elegance


The above pictures are links to where the some of the items I used to make dress were purchased.

If you would like me to make your own special event outfit leave a comment or send me an email and we will set an appointment with you.

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