Fashion tips to rocking Ankara blouse

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Hi fashion friends welcome to my site brillberrie’s world .Over here there is no judgment or shame on your sense of fashion. We believe that you can be the greatest you on your everyday life. As an African woman I take pride in our culture ; which include our language, fashion , food etc.

Ankara fabric is a material that transcends cultures and generations in Nigeria and Africa at large . It is a light weight fabric that can be worn in any style during the summer,honestly this fabric can be worn all year round. But in today’s blog I will be showing you some tips on how to rock Ankara blouse in the summer.

Ankara blouse with trumpet sleeves

Here is a beautiful blue ankara daisy flower blouse with trumpet sleeves that I just made for one of my clients. She is going to rock this blouse wit same fabric wrapper popularly called iru and buba . But this blouse can be worn with more contemporary ways. If you want you custom clothes made you can contact me directly through email

You can wear this blue or black pencil jeans and some heels

SHOES: I love open-toe-shoes with denim pants, its makes you look chic. it does not smell because air enters it easily and dries up sweats. Now if you don’t like to showcase your beautiful toes you can still cover them up with pumps too. Here are some high heel shoes you can rock this outfit with if you are going to work , school, meeting or even to a doctors appointment.

just fabulous

you may be the type that likes to rock flats e.g sandals, slipper and i say go for it as look as you look fabulous and feel comfortable with it.

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend and I say wohoooo count me in . Check out these amaaazing stunning rings I found.

Breath taking

Absolutely stunning

You should always carry a bag ,purse of something to put your phone, keys and other essentials away. I feel like it looks kinda tacky for a lady to be carrying things in her hands. Or what do you think? leave your comment below.

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